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Journal of the Korean Institute of Landscape Architecture. Vol. 46, No. 1, 2018

Effect of Light Intensity on the Growth Responses of Three Woody Plants for Indoor Landscaping
실내녹화용 목본식물 3종의 초기 생육반응에 미치는 광량의 영향
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2018;46(1):01-08.
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Improvement Plan to Facilitate a Landscape Architectural Promotion Facility and Complex System
조경진흥시설과 조경진흥단지 제도 활성화 방안 연구
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2018;46(1):09-16.
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Community Facilities in Apartment Complexes - Whether Provisions Match Residents’ Preferences
아파트 단지 내의 주민공동시설 현황과 선호 비교연구
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2018;46(1):17-28.
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Children's Play Facilities according to the Classification of Amusement Features
놀이속성 분류에 따른 적정 어린이 놀이시설물 연구
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2018;46(1):29-37.
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Comparative Study on Eye-Tracking Evaluation and Landscape Adjectives Evaluation - Focusing on the Nightscape of a University Campus -
아이트래킹 평가 방법과 경관 형용사 평가 비교 연구 - 대학 캠퍼스 야간경관을 대상으로 -
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2018;46(1):38-48.
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A Study on the Importance and Valuation of Public Functions in Private Botanical Gardens
사립식물원 공익적 기능의 중요도 및 가치평가 연구
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2018;46(1):49-60.
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Changgyeongwon Ya-Aeng as Modern Urban Culture - An Interpretation based on Benjamin's Phantasmagoria -
근대 도시 문화로서 창경원 야앵 - 벤야민의 ‘판타스마고리아’를 중심으로 -
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2018;46(1):61-71.
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Green Spaces in the Urban Peripheries of Metropole Regions for Sustainable Development - Focused on Berlin, Milano and Seoul -
지속가능한 발전을 위한 대도시 외연부 녹지 활용 사례연구 - 베를린, 밀라노, 서울을 대상으로 -
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2018;46(1):72-85.
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The Construction of Earthquake Resistance and Hazardous Reduction Suitability Evaluation Systems for Comprehensive Parks
공원녹지 공간의 지진대피 기능 적절성 평가체계 연구
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2018;46(1):86-95.
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Effect of Irrigation on Growth Characteristics of Herb Plants on a Green Rooftop Area
옥상녹화지에서 허브식물의 관수처리에 따른 생육특성
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2018;46(1):96-105.
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The Impacts of Work Environment on the Job Satisfaction among the Landscape Architecture Workers in South Korea
조경분야 종사자들의 직무환경이 직무만족에 미치는 영향
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2018;46(1):106-114.
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Satisfaction Evaluation for the Pedestrian Improvement of Street Spaces - Focused on the Commercial and Residential Areas in the First District of Administrative-Centered City -
가로공간 보행증진을 위한 보행만족도 평가 - 행정중심복합도시 1지구 상업․주거지역을 대상으로 -
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2018;46(1):115-126.
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The Creation of Ttukseom Pleasure Ground and Its Transformation to a Park
뚝섬유원지의 생성과 공원화
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2018;46(1):127-142.
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The Method of Selecting Landscape Control Points for Landscape Impact Review of Development Projects
개발사업의 경관영향 검토를 위한 주요 조망점선정 방법에 관한 연구
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2018;46(1):143-155.
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