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Journal of the Korean Institute of Landscape Architecture. Vol. 46, No. 4, 2018

The Influence of the Sense of Place on Regeneration Space using Idle Industrial Facilities on Visitors’ Satisfaction and Length of Stay - Focused on Visitors of Mullae Art Village -
유휴산업시설 재생공간의 장소성이 방문만족도와 체류시간에 미치는 영향 - 문래예술창작촌의 방문자들을 대상으로 -
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2018;46(4):1-10.
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A Study on Use Satisfaction and Image Evaluation of User through Post Occupancy Evaluation in Urban Park - On the 2․28 Memorial Park in Daegu -
도심공원 이용 후 평가를 통한 이용 만족도와 이미지 평가 - 대구 2․28기념중앙공원을 대상으로 -
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2018;46(4):11-20.
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Conflicts between the Conservation and Removal of the Modern Historic Landscapes - A Case of the Demolition Controversy of the Japanese General Government Building in Seoul -
근대 역사 경관의 보존과 철거 - 구 조선총독부 철거 논쟁을 사례로 -
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2018;46(4):21-35.
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A Sustainable Operation Plan for School Gardens - Based on a Survey of Elementary School Gardens in Seoul
학교 텃밭의 지속적인 운영방안에 관한 연구 - 서울특별시 초등학교의 학교 텃밭 실태조사를 바탕으로 -
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2018;46(4):36-48.
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Determination of Risk Indicators for Establishing the Health Evaluation System of Old Trees
노거수의 건강성 평가체계 정립을 위한 위험 지표인자의 검증
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2018;46(4):49-60.
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A Study on Decreasing Effects of Ultra-fine Particles (PM2.5) by Structures in a Roadside Buffer Green - A Buffer Green in Songpa-gu, Seoul -
도로변 완충녹지의 식재구조에 따른 초미세먼지 (PM2.5)농도 저감효과 연구 - 서울 송파구 완충녹지를 대상으로 -
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2018;46(4):61-75.
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An Analysis of Test Trends for Landscape Structure Construction and Management in Engineer Landscape Architecture Examination
조경기사 필기시험 중 조경시공구조 및 관리학 분야의 출제경향 분석
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2018;46(4):76-83.
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