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Journal of the Korean Institute of Landscape Architecture. Vol. 47, No. 4, 2019

Spatiotemporal Movement Density and Stopping Characteristics of Urban Walking Tourists by Season - Focused on Tourists of Bukchon Hanok Village in the Spring and Summer -
도심 도보관광자의 계절별 시․공간 이동밀도 및 멈춤 특성 - 북촌한옥마을의 봄․여름 관광자들을 대상으로 -
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2019;47(4):1-11.
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The Topsoil Characteristics, and Estimation of Topsoil Organic Carbon Storage at Restoration Areas in Riparian Zones of the Han River
한강 수변구역 복원지의 표토 특성 및 유기탄소 저장량 추정
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2019;47(4):12-23.
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Evaluation of the Economic Value of Potential Ecosystem Services of Unexecuted Urban Planning Facilities - Focused on Urban Green Spaces and Urban Forests in Seoul -
미집행 도시계획시설의 잠재적 생태계 서비스 가치평가 - 서울시 공원 및 녹지를 중심으로 -
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2019;47(4):24-32.
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The Analysis of the Visitors' Experiences in Yeonnam-dong before and after the Gyeongui Line Park Project - A Text Mining Approach -
경의선숲길 조성 전후의 연남동 방문자의 경험 분석 - 블로그 텍스트 분석을 중심으로 -
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2019;47(4):33-49.
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Differential Levels of Governance and Its Impact on Urban Park Management and Users’ Satisfaction - The Case of Sheffield District Parks, UK -
도시공원관리 거버넌스 구축정도에 따른 이용자 만족도 차이 - 영국 셰필드 지구공원을 대상으로 -
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2019;47(4):50-60.
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Assessing Effects of Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) Deicing Salt on Salt Tolerance of Miscanthus sinensis and Leachate Characterizations
염화칼슘 제설제 처리농도에 따른 참억새의 내염성 및 침출수 평가
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2019;47(4):61-67.
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Importance-Satisfaction Analysis of Meditation Forest in Schools -Focusing on Middle Schools in Gwang-Ju City-
명상숲의 중요도-만족도 평가 광주광역시 중학교를 대상으로 -
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2019;47(4):68-80.
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