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Journal of the Korean Institute of Landscape Architecture. Vol. 51, No. 6, 2023

Comparative Study on Perceived Effectiveness of Suncheon Bay International Garden Expo - 2013 and 2023 with a Focus on Visitors -
순천만국제정원박람회 개최효과 인지 비교 연구 - 2013, 2023년 방문객을 중심으로 -
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2023;51(6):1-11.
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An Environmental Design of the Catholic Retreat Center Adopting the Theoretical Aesthetics - In the Case of the Suncheon Jesuits Spiritual Center -
신학적 미학을 적용한 가톨릭 피정시설 환경설계 - 순천 예수회 영성센터를 대상으로 -
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2023;51(6):12-32.
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Comparative Study of Institutional Approaches to Children’s Playgrounds for Ensuring the Right to Play
놀이권 보장 측면에서 본 국내외 어린이놀이터 관련 법제 비교 연구
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2023;51(6):33-45.
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Cultural Services Assessment in DMZ(Demilitarized Zone) Border Areas
DMZ(Demilitarized Zone) 접경지역의 문화서비스 평가
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2023;51(6):46-60.
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A Green View Index Improvement Program for Urban Roads Using a Green Infrastructure Theory - Focused on Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China -
그린인프라스트럭처 개념을 적용한 가로 녹시율 개선 방안 - 중국 쓰촨성(四川省) 청두시(成都市)을 중심으로 -
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2023;51(6):61-74.
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Designing and Creating a Model Garden to Demonstrate Carbon Reduction - Case Study of Carbon Reduction Model Garden at the Sejong National Arboretum -
탄소저감 현장 실증을 위한 모델정원 설계와 조성 - 국립세종수목원 탄소저감 모델 정원을 사례로 -
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2023;51(6):75-87.
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