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Journal of the Korean Institute of Landscape Architecture. Vol. 51, No. 4, 2023

A Research on the Special Characteristics of the Changes of the Vegetations in the World Cup Park Landfill Slope District
월드컵공원 사면지구 식생현황 및 변화 특성 연구
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2023;51(4):1-15.
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Analysis on Connecting User Experience of Metaverse Related with Landscape Architecture - Focused on Meta-Everland -
메타버스 조경 공간의 이용자 경험 분석 - 메타 에버랜드를 중심으로 -
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2023;51(4):16-30.
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Effect of the Private-Initiated Park Development Project on Ecosystem Services of an Urban Park - Focused on the Central Park in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-Do -
민간공원 특례사업이 도시공원의 생태계 서비스에 미치는 영향 경기도 광주시 중앙근린공원을 중심으로
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2023;51(4):31-45.
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A Study on the Effect of Awareness of Organic Farming on Environment-Friendly Agriculture Product Consumption and Revitalization
유기농업에 대한 환경성·공익성 인식과 친환경 농산물 소비 및 활성화에 관한 연구
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2023;51(4):46-55.
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Reading the Landscape through the Perception of Residents of Banwol and Bakji Island - Based on the Change before and after the Purple Island -
반월․박지도 주민의 인식과 태도를 통해 경관 읽기 - 퍼플섬(Purple Islands) 사업 전후의 변화를 중심으로 -
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2023;51(4):56-75.
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A Study of the Relationship between Willingness to Participate, Expected Behavior, and Participation Constraints in Urban Farming Utilizing Hydroponics - Focusing on the Rooftop Hydroponic Farmming Project at the GSES, SNU -
수경재배를 활용한 도시농업의 참여의지, 기대행동, 참여제약요인 관계 - 서울대학교 환경대학원 옥상 수경재배 체험활동을 중심으로 -
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2023;51(4):76-89.
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Landscape Engineers’ Perceptions of the Safety Climate and Safety Behavior in Landscape Construction - Focused on Landscape Constructors and Designers -
조경공사에서 안전분위기와 안전행동에 대한 조경기술자들의 인식 - 조경시공자와 조경설계자를 대상으로 -
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2023;51(4):90-100.
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Mobility Change around Neighborhood Parks and Green Spaces before and after the Outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic
COVID-19 발생 전·후 생활권 공원녹지 모빌리티 변화 분석
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2023;51(4):101-118.
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Erratum to: User Hot Spots of Urban Parks Identified Using Mobile Signaling Data - A Case Study of Seongdong-Gu, Seoul -
Erratum to: 모바일 데이터를 활용한 도시공원 이용자 핫스팟 분석 - 서울 성동구 공원을 대상으로 -
J Korean Inst Landsc Archit 2023;51(4):119
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